#stayathome big discount + free shipping on all orders
#stayathome big discount + free shipping on all orders
Pro Hip Trainer
Pro Hip Trainer
Pro Hip Trainer
Pro Hip Trainer

Pro Hip Trainer

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Trying to get the perfect booty shape?

Our Pro Hip Trainer is a perfect solution!

  • More Concentrated on Lower Body Muscles

By giving pressure to thighs, buttocks and lower abdominal muscles continuously, this Pro Hip Trainer can improve the blood circulation of the training area and help your calories burn. It also makes hips and lower limbs more flexible and slimmer.


  • Effectively Exercise Muscles

This trainer makes the pelvis and the hip muscles participate in the exercise, and it is easier to achieve the beautiful buttock effect and keep the pelvis healthy. 


  • Alleviates Gynecological Problems

Pro Hip Trainer targets and strengthens pelvic floor muscle. It also alleviates gynecological problems such as uterine droop and urine infiltration.


  • Multi Adjustment Intensity

Difficulty selector easily used to ensure you keep progressing: You can adjust the resistance of Hip Trainer according to your thighs muscle strength. Increase difficulty gradually for the best slimming result.


  • Applicability 

This Pro Hip Trainer is highly recommended for women who are sitting while working,  postpartum mothers, and anyone worried about the flatness of the buttocks!


Awesome results after a month of using Pro Hip Trainer

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 Stay well and healthy and exercise at home like a pro! 💪