#stayathome big discount + free shipping on all orders
#stayathome big discount + free shipping on all orders
Gyro Pro Power Ball
Gyro Pro Power Ball
Gyro Pro Power Ball
Gyro Pro Power Ball
Gyro Pro Power Ball

Gyro Pro Power Ball

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Improve your grip and overall arm strength with this Gyro Pro Power Ball!

Gyro Pro Power Ball is a handheld device for training & strengthening muscles and tendons, also relieving pain while playing it as an exciting game.


  • Ultimate arm toning

Gyro Pro Power Ball helps strengthen arms, fingers, hands, forearms, waists, shoulders and so on. Vibration also promotes blood circulation and improves grip strength.


  • Powerful Gyroscopic Rotor

Engineered with a built-in gyroscopic rotor in a solid plastic shell, allowing powerball to be spun up to a staggering speed.

  • Relieve Pain - Approved by doctors

Prevent injuries and speed up rehabilitation to relieve related pain including Repetitive strain injury (RSI), numb fingers & hands, Carpal Tunnel syndrome, fractured wrist, poor grip, etc.

  • Easy to use


  • Cool illumination

The ball lights up when you spin it, making this a fun and powerful exercise tool. 


  • Upgrade Sports Performance

Resistance training is ideal to improve performance of playing baseball, tennis, golf and any sports.


  • Compact to carry

Train up yourself anywhere and anytime with this portable fitness device!

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